Apartment VIP II - Kobylisy

Newly opened apartment in Prague 8 close to metro station C - Kobylisy. VIP apartment is fully equipped with everything you could possibily need during the lovers night. This apartment has its own unique Steam bath.


  • Spacious shower
  • TV and CD player
  • Fridge with a minibar
  • Equipped kitchen, microwave oven, electric kettle

  • Sauna and Steam bath - is inside the apartment - If you want to use it, please let us know at least 1 hour in advance.
  • Free parking close to the apartment



Pricing for 2 persons stay

Two-hour stay: 600 CZK
Three-hour stay: 750 CZK
Four-hour stay: 900 CZK
Five-hour stay: 1000 CZK

Two-hour stay minimum in this apartment.
Every additional hour: 100 CZK
Every additional person: 150 CZK / 1 hod.

Whole night (12h): 1000 CZK

The earliest possible beginning is from 19:00.
The latest possible end is to 10:00 the next day.
Every additional hour above 12 hours: 100 CZK


Sauna: 200 CZK / 2 osoby
Steam bath: 300 Kč / 2 osoby


Beverage price list

Reservation rules

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday
Reservation on Sunday is possible only after previous agreement.
Reservations are accepted only from 8:00 to 22:00.

We accept minimum 2 hour-stays after 20:00h. And minimum 3 hour-stays after 21:00h. After 22:00 we accepted only whole-night-stays.


In case you are not able to start your reservation, please give us a call at least two hours before your reservation.

Otherwise we will charge you a 50% storno fee (of the original price).


Quick reservation

+420 734 402 755

Please call ONLY from 8:00 to 22:00.

We prefer phone calls.

You also offer gift cards.

Diskrétní hodinový hotel

100% discreet

We don't ask for your name or any other personal information.
Our apartments are in different buildings so you won't ever meet with our other customers.