Beverage and food price list

We do not usually serve food in our apartments, but if you ask for it, we won't let you down. We are able to provide every food you wish to have during your romantic night (bagels, faced sandwiches, fruits, ...).

Beverage price list

Champagne Bohemia Demi Sec: 0,25l / 70CZK
Wine - red/white: 0,25l / 60CZK
Pilsner Urquell 12°: 0,5l / 40CZK

Coca Cola/Coca Cola ZERO: 0,5l / 40CZK
Water bottle: 0,5l / 20CZK
Juice - dif. flavours: 0,3l / 30CZK
Ice tea: 0,5l / 30CZK